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1 - Introduction

The Pedigree Search page is what you want to use to find animals by name or ADGA Registration Number. Flexible filters allow you to narrow your search to return just what you are looking for. Once a record of interest is found, a single click will take you to the details for that animal.

2 - Filters

Pedigree Search Filters

Pedigree Search Filters

This page contains standard Name/Registration #, Breed and Sex filters. You must enter a value in the textbox that is at least 3 characters long before results will be returned. Use the Breed and Sex filters to further refine your results. Click the Find button first time through and any time you change the value in the textbox to display results.

3 - Results

Pedigree Search Results

Pedigree Search Results

Pedigree Search results are returned initially sorted by ADGA Registered Name. The sort order can be changed by clicking any of the column headers. Two clicks on the same header column will sort in reverse order. The following columns are displayed for a Pedigree Search:

Column NameNotes
NameThis is the ADGA Registered Name. Click the name to navigate to individual goat details.
SGThis column contains Superior Genetics designations if any. Column can be blank, SG (Superior Genetics) or SGCH (Superior Genetics Champion).
EvalThis column signifies whether this goat has USDA Production Evaluation and/or USDA Type Evaluation. The values can be blank (no evaluations), P (production evaluation) and/or T (type evaluation). Goats with indicators in this column have production testing and/or linear appraisal in their backgrounds.
Reg #The ADGA Registration Number. This number is a unique identifier.
HerdbookThe ADGA Herdbook to which this goat belongs.
SexThe goat gender, M = Buck, F = Doe.
DOBThe date of birth.
SireSire's ADGA Registration Number.
DamDam's ADGA Registration Number.
InbredCoefficient of inbreeding if it has been calculated. Example: 0.04 is 4% inbred.

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